Ten healthy lifestyle tips

I love reading any blogs that have tips and tricks. They are so helpful and just the little things can make a big difference.So this is some of the tips iv used to have a more healthy lifestyle. I think it’s important to have a healthy body and mind. I am no fitness fanatic, but I really enjoy sharing what i have found and get some ideas of other bloggers.

So here is ten tips for a healthier lifestyle..

1. Drink more water- drinking weater has so many benefits. Making you feel fuller for longer,detoxes your body and makes your skin feel hydrated.I’m not a fan of drinking water on it’s own, so I have brought an infuser bottle. Perfect to put your favourite fruit in so the water doesn’t taste to bland.

2. Exercise- Working out makes you feel amazing. It gives you a real burst of energy plus your burning off the calories. You don’t need a gym membership either, I like to go on a jog or work out in the garden. I like doing exercise in the morning. If the sun is shining there is nothing better than getting some fresh air on your jog. I think you always feel like you’ve accomplished something after a work out so it gives you a positive mind for the rest of the day.

3. Keep things exciting- you can keep yourself inspired by Instagram,Pinterest, other blogs. If you enjoy cooking keep yourself interested with different recipes. I love Instagram for healthy food and exercise tips.

4. Treat yourself- it’s okay if you want chocolate or pizza. Don’t make yourself deprive you of these lovely treats. Just have them in moderation. And enjoy them when you do. Life is to be enjoyed and food is that! If your okay without the naughty treats, buy yourself a new top or shoes. Anything you like,make yourself feel great.

5. Yoga/meditation- I don’t always do this but I am trying to get more into it. Keeping a calm mind is one of the best things for your body. Looking after your mind and soul has great benefits on your body. You can get apps on your phone or search on YouTube. 

6. Get enough sleep- I don’t know about you, but I love my bed. I make sure i get at least 8 hours a night. This makes you feel so fresh when you wake up. And increases longevity. I know it can be hard to shut off at night. Try reading, and not to use your phone or laptop an hour before you go to sleep. Your mind will be on overdrive constantly being on electronics. 

7. Take time out for yourself- Do what you enjoy! It maybe going out with friends, reading, listening to music, shopping anything you find makes you happy. If you live a happy life you will live a healthy one.

8. Don’t miss breakfast- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kicks starts your matabalisme and makes you feel more awake throughout the day. You can have so many yummy things for breakfast that are healthy smoothies, porridge, fruit.

9. Keep a journal- if you keep a journal based on being healthy your more likely to stick to it. You can put anything you want in it, no one has to see it. The food you like to make, exercise routine, accomplishments you’ve made. And when your going through a hard time, you can look back at it. You will be inspired by yourself. 

10. Love yourself- Concentrate on you. Becoming healthy has a big impact on the way you think about yourself. Find out your morals,goals and dreams your trying to achieve. Think positive things about youself. Because you are worth it and amazing! 

I hope some of these tips might help you. I love reading all about what you guys do to. Have you got any tips yourself? What do you love to do to stay healthy? 

4 thoughts on “Ten healthy lifestyle tips

  1. Taking time out for yourself is more important than people realise! The way I see it, if I can’t love and look after myself, how can I love and look after others? This really helps me focus on giving myself some ‘me’ time everyweek so I know I can be ready when those around me need me at my best!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland


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