Skin care favourites

I haven’t posted about skin care in a while, and i am finding my skin feeling really great at the moment. So why not! I use these skin care products in my day to day routine and i love them. I don’t like to use lots of products,becauase i always seem to break out in spots. I also hate the feel of having loads of products on my skin. So the garnier and simple brands i find are the best for me! 

Garnier micellar cleansing water- I literally can’t get enough of this stuff. By far the best thing i have ever brought! This is a make up remover, but i also like to use it on my skin even if i’m not wearing any make up. It makes it feel so refreshed. 

Garnier cleansing wipes- I like to use these wipes before i use the cleansing water. So i get pretty much all my make up off with these. They don’t have any harsh chemicals in them,so they don’t irrated my skin or eyes. Perfect packaging to also take away with you when traveling. Make’s your skin feel supper clean and hydrated. 

Simple Moisturising facial wash- in love with this product. I use this daily to get rid of any oils and dirt. Really easy to apply and keeps your skin looking moisturised without making it look oily. I suffer with oils and this product helps maintain this. 

Simple deep cleansing mask- I use this deep cleansing mask once a week to keep ontop of pours and oils. Really simple easy to use, and i love the little packaging. I was nervous using this product for the first time, because of breaking out of spots. But it’s a lovely product and makes your skin feel glossy and soft. 

 you have it my favourite products at the moment. These products are on the highstreet and afordable.Leave a comment and tell me what you love? What is your skin care routine like? 

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