Make up revolution palettes

 Iv had a great week off work so far. Thought i would share with you my all time favourite make up palettes. I never really used to buy anything like this. I was never interested in countouring. But i came across make up revolution. 

Make up revoultion is an amazing make up brand giving you the latest trends, and affordable prices!  Iv had a few things from this brand for birthday’s and christmas. This is how i got to know how lovely the products are. 

The two i absolutely can’t live without are, Ultra contour palette and the ultra eye shadows. I brought the eye shadows first because i got myself into doing more smoky eyes and natural looks. I just love everything about these eyes shadows! The colours range from light natural to dark dusty look. This palette only cost me £8.00! For the quality of the products this is perfect! I also brought the ultra contour palette. I fell i love as soon as i opened the package, they have some beautiful darker shades to contour. With some lovely soft pink clear tones to highlight. This was also £8.00 perfect if you want to look and feel amazing. 

I can’t wait to buy some more make up revolution.This has to be one of my new favourite brands. What’s your favourite make up brand? Do you like make up palettes? 

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